Inside the Silver Screen Episode 6 – Elements of Coming of Age, Spirited Away, Boyhood

On this coming of age themed episode of Inside the Silver Screen, the crew dives into the necessary elements of a coming of age story. They then look at how those elements manifest themselves in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. They end by looking at how Linklater uses music to poetically comment on Mason’s coming of age journey in Boyhood.


Produced by Landon Simpson

Elements of Coming of Age Segment Written by Will Lyon

Spirited Away Segment Written by Landon Simpson

Boyhood Segment Written by Landon Simpson

Edited by Timur Ermoshkin

Studio Production Crew: Sam Kuns, Emma Savering

Logo by Teresa Aguilera

Special Thanks to the Entire KBVR-TV Crew

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