Inside the Silver Screen Episode 5 – Best Picture Nominees, Pulp Fiction, Roger Deakins

The Oscars are less than a week away, so KBVR-TV’s Kevin Foster and Landon Simpson sat down and went over their thoughts on each of the nominees on the first spring term episode of Inside the Silver Screen! The crew also dives into how Quentin Tarantino entertains an audience with Pulp Fiction. They finish the episode by looking behind the lens at the life and career of famed cinematographer Roger Deakins!


Producer: Landon Simpson

Best Picture Discussion Hosts: Kevin Foster & Landon Simpson

Best Picture Studio Production Crew: Sam Kuns, Emma Savering, Josh Saunders, & Landon Simpson

Best Picture Segment Editor: Josh Saunders

Pulp Fiction Segment Writer & Narrator: Landon Simpson

Pulp Fiction Segment Editor: Timur Ermoshkin

Behind the Lens Writers: Jennifer Coffman & Will Lyons

Behind the Lens Narrator: Will Lyons

Behind the Lens Editor: Emma Savering

Special Thanks To: The Entire KBVR-TV Crew

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