Inside the Silver Screen Episode 4 – Dr. Nabil Boudraa, The Truman Show’s Catharsis, Akira Kurosawa

On this week’s episode of Inside the Silver Screen, we have the opportunity to interview Oregon State Professor of Francophone Cinema, Dr. Nabil Boudraa. Then, we take a look at how The Truman Shows creates and reflects dramatic catharsis in an audience. Lastly, Kevin Foster dives into three films from Akira Kurosawa to portray what is so magnificent about the director’s style.

Intro – 00:00

Dr. Nabil Boudraa – 00:26

The Truman Show: Creating Dramatic Catharsis – 11:05

The Work of Akira Kurosawa – 18:31

Outro – 24:01


Producer/Interviewer: Landon Simpson

Truman Segment Writer: Landon Simpson

Kurosawa Segment Writer: Kevin Foster

Interview/Truman Segment Editor: Landon Simpson

Kurosawa Segment Editor: Emma Savering

Logo Creator: Teresa Aguilera

Special Thanks to: Dr. Nabil Boudraa and the KBVR-TV Crew

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