Biggie Pollz & The Goat Crew #hiphopspecial | Grabbin’ Life by the Pollz Season 3, Episode 3


May 18th 2017

All things hip hop tonight!

1. Fiona, Aisha, & Nico and their own choreographed hip hop dance

2. Polly’s Monologue

3. Short Interview with Fiona, Aisha, and Nico!

4. Madeleine & Polly’s Dance Video

5. Julian Outlaw Performs 3 songs

6. Lil’ Interview with Julian

7. Julian Outlaw’s new music video made by Matt & Ziad

8. The GOAT Crew consists of: Sean Fox, Sneha Sinha, Ameer Fofanah, Colette NĂ­ Laimbeart, & Andrew Henck — Talkin’ about the GOAT Tourney — essentially a March Madness Bracket of Hip Hop Artists

Too many rad people that make the show come alive – many thanks to all the crew & all the people who come and support!

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