Appetizing Adventures #LiveWithLou | Grabbin’ Life by the Pollz Season 3, Episode 2


May 4th, 2017

Lou Griffel is out of the kitchen and live in the studio co-hosting an extended edition of appetizing adventures, whoa whoa whoa!

We’re guest starring the heck out of Spoon University with just a casual 4 guests from the chapter to help with the festivities on the show.

On the Menu:

1. Cake Challenge between 2 live studio audience members, Leah & Joah, hosted by Whitney Lauren Han! Theme? May the 4th Be With You 😉

2. Lou & Polly break down the episode

3. Miranda McArthur teaches Polly how to make Sushi Donuts – whaaa? You’ll just have to see.

4. Lou Brings it on back to Whitney with the Cake Challenge — and gives them a twist!!!!

5. Girl in the Red Blazer is out stealing people’s food & people’s hearts, whats new?!

6. Live Interview with Hailie Sutton, Founder of the Oregon State Chapter for Spoon University! She talks all about it and food and more food and wait you’ll never guess she says a little something about food.

7. We wrap it up & Hailie picks the winner of our Cake Challenge! Whose it gonna be? Leah or Joah!? Idk, but one of them gives away their phone number at the end 😉

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