Never Squander a Ponder || Mixed Signals

Imagine a world where social cues could be deciphered…

Cast & Crew

[Taste My Bullet]

Directors: K Crandal, Addy Witt

Writers: K Crandal, Addy Witt

Cameras: Ann Marie Bottita, Gabe Reitzes

Audio: Addy Witt, Ann Marie Bottita

Engineer: Vincent Spencer

Stylist: Finch Mireles

Props: K Crandal

Editors: Kate Zaine, Addy Witt, Ann Marie Bottita

Starring: Kate Zaine as Anise, Lilly Goodyear as Jackie


[Horoscope Forensics]

Director: Audrey Sand

Writer: Audrey Sand

Camera: Audrey Sand, Cami Paterson

Editor: Kaylene McLaughlin

Starring: Cami Paterson as Aaron/Talia, Brynn Kirkland as Luke/Sage/Sally, Gabe Reitzes as Detective, Emily Kraus as Policeman


[Soft Boiled]

Director: Kate Zaine

Writer: Gabe Reitzes

Camera: Ann Marie Bottita

Editor: Gabe Reitzes

Starring: Kaylene McLaughlin as Jo Skipps, Kate Zaine as Kate, with Gabe Reitzes as Internal Monologue



Animations by Vincent Spencer

Logo & Graphics by Eva Siffert

Assembly Edit by Gabe Reitzes

Produced by Gabe Reitzes

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