Sports! Talk Ep. 2: Oregon State Women’s Rowing || Sports!

Welcome back to Sports! Talk, KBVR-TV’s sports talk show! In today’s episode, we sit down with four members of the Oregon State Women’s Rowing team; Katie Judd, Taylor Denger, Giulia Clerici and Muryn Greene, for an interview and a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’. This is an upload of the original broadcast, Air Date May 15th, 2023.



Producer: Cole Keady

Director: Gabe Reitzes

Technical Director: Maya Zavala

Host: Issy Taylor

Audio: Kate Zaine

Camera: Bryn Beebe

Lights: Vincent Spencer

Engineers: K Crandal // Vincent Spencer

Graphics: K Crandal

TRIA: Vincent Spencer

Teleprompter: Lilly Goodyear

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