Parm and Punishment || Mixed Signals

Weeoo Weeoo! This episode of Mixed Signals is a bit dark and gritty… Or was that just because we left it on the stove too long?


Yep, That’s Me

Written and Directed by: Ben Delzer

Cameras: Nathan Matthews, Gabe Reitzes

Audio: Cyan Yoshida

Edited by: Colson Legras

Starring: Ben Delzer as Kevin

Gabe Reitzes as Detective/Boss

Danny Zahariev as Kyle, the Getaway and my BFF

Natalie Galbraith as Lame-o number 1

Lilly Goodyear as Lame-o number 2


Sketch Artist

Written and Directed by KC Crandal

Camera: KC Crandal

Audio: Sage Jarvie, Gabe Reitzes

Lights: Vincent Spencer

Art: KC Crandal

Edited by: KC Crandal

Starring: Cole Keady as The Victim

Julian Madrigal as Mr. Jones

Lilly Goodyear as Detective Pickles

with Steven Sandberg as Stephen



Graphics by Eva Siffert

Animation by Vincent Spencer

Produced by Gabe Reitzes


00:00 Yep, That’s Me

4:23 Sketch Artist

9:30 Credits

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