Valentines Day Spooktacular || Mixed Signals

You know what they say? Happy Valentines Day with this perfectly timed episode!



Written and Directed by: Julian Madrigal

Cameras: Ben Delzer, Gabe Reitzes

Edited by: Gabe Reitzes

Starring: Ann Marie Bottita as Ruby Mae

KC Crandal as Spawn of Dracula

Danny Zahariev as Dracula


To Catch an NHW

Written and Directed by: Julian Madrigal

Camera: Ben Delzer

Sound: Kyra Martin

Edited by: Danny Zahariev

Starring: Nico Ross as Chris Hansen Guy

Dayton Wiksten as Ralphie

Julian Madrigal as Chase

Gabe Reitzes as Crew

Danny Zahariev as Crew

Audrey Sand as Crew


Linked Up

Directed by: Gabe Reitzes

Written by: Haley Stark, Gabe Reitzes

Cameras: Ann Marie Bottita, Gabe Reitzes, Lilly Goodyear

Edited by: Gabe Reitzes

Starring: Haley Stark, Gabe Reitzes, Ann Marie Bottita, KC Crandal, Danny Zahariev, Lilly Goodyear, Alden Micklavzina with V.O. by Sophia O’Barr



Graphics by Eva Siffert

Animation by Vincent Spencer

Final Edit by Harrison Cordle

Produced by Gabe Reitzes

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