Swords and Swordability! || Mixed Signals

Magic and Myst*her*y


Sword, for Her

Direct*her*s by Lilly Goodyear, Kate Zaine

Written by Lilly Goodyear ,Kate Zaine

Cam*her*a Ann Marie Bottita

Squire Vincent Spencer

Edited by Vincent Spencer

Starring Kaylene McLaughlin, Kate Zaine, Gigi Baldonado, Ann Marie Bottita, Vincent Spencer, Gabe Reitzes, Haley Stark, Lilly Goodyear

With Sukhjot Sal as Voice over



Directed by Harrison Cordle, Dayton Wiksten

Written by Harrison Cordle, Dayton Wiksten, Ben Delzer

Camera Julian Madrigal

Edited by Harrison Cordle

Starring Harrison Cordle ,Dayton Wiksten, Matthew Easedale, Gabe Reitzes, Ben Delzer


What’s Up?

Directed by Ann Marie Bottita

Written by Ann Marie Bottita

Camera Cole Keady

Edited by Ann Marie Bottita

Starring Audrey Sand, Gabe Reitzes



Directed by Julian Madrigal

Written by Julian Madrigal

Switcher Ben Delzer

Camera Gabe Reitzes

Audio Sage Jarvie

Engineer KC Crandal

Edited by KC Crandal

Starring Dayton Wiksten as Richard “Felonies” Bellamy, Julian Madrigal as Joel “The Tiger”, Babylon Harrison Cordle as Phil

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