Live… at the Time || Mixed Signals

There’s a new talk show in town… hosted by Lilly Goodyear, with special guest Rowley the Dinosaur. There’s laughs, there’s gaffs, there’s blaffs, and there’s skwaffs!


Director – Ethan Cline

T.D. – Ryan Bures

Cameras – Haley Stark, Cyan Yoshida

Audio – Sage Jarvie

Graphics – Gigi Baldonado

Engineer – KC Crandal


Host – Lilly Goodyear

Host’s Brother – Dayton Wiksten

DJ Audio Jungle – Andres De Los Santos

Caller 1 – Gigi Baldonado

Caller 2 – Cyan Yoshida

Hank Fiddler (Caller 3) – Sage Jarvie

Caller 4 – Gabe Reitzes

Caller 5 – Haley Stark

Written by Lilly Goodyear and Gabe Reitzes

Logo & Graphics by Eva Siffert

Animations by Vincent Spencer

Edited by Gabe Reitzes


Investigations by Kevin MacLeod

AcidJazz by Kevin MacLeod

Amazing Grace by Kevin MacLeod


Produced by Gabe Reitzes