Turkey Surprise! || Mixed Signals

The real Turkey Surprise was the friends we made along the way. Mixed Signals is a student comedy show produced through KBVR TV at Oregon State University. No you cannot buy Dude Paste, that was our only bottle.


Reacting to Water

Ann Marie Bottita – Writer/Director/Editor

Vincent Spencer – Writer

Mei Meng – Mary

Julian Madrigal – Bartholomew

Dayton Wiksten – Augustus Sinclaire


Dude Paste

Lilly Goodyear – Director/Writer

Gabe Reitzes – Writer/Lights

Ann Marie Bottita – Camera

Ryan Bures – Camera

Kyra Martin – Sound

Kate Zaine – Editor

Julian Madrigal – Paste Enjoyer

Austin Frieze – Paste Enthusiast


Audible in VR

Harrison Cordle – Writer/Director/Editor

Special Thanks to Bowwowbowser for the Youtube clip


Mixed Signals Produced by Gabe Reitzes

Logo & Graphics by Eva Siffert

Animations by Vincent Spencer

00:00 Reacting to Water

03:46 Dude Paste

07:15 Audible in VR

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