Plazapalooza 2022

Official Recording of Oregon State’s Plazapalooza event 2022

0:00 Intro

4:05 Noughtie Dee

23:30 Dreamcaster

44:19 Mr. Boy Wonder

1:08:38 The Deans

1:30:01 HighJack

Bryce Vine and pieces of HighJack’s Performances unavailable due to licensing agreements.



Producer – Bobby DiMarco

Director – Ben Blake

Technical Director – Vincent Spencer

Audio – Kate Zaine

Graphics – Ben Delzer

Playout – K Crandal

Cameras – Cole Keady, Ryan Bures, K Crandal

Engineer – Emma Savering

Special Thanks to Ann Marie Bottita, Garret Gravink, Alden Micklavzina and OSUPC

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