Dam Jam 2021

Relive the full performance of in-person artists from Dam Jam 2021. Originally broadcast May 22, 2021.

More on the artists:

Takumii is a self-producing artist from Portland, OR who grew up around music. He is currently a third-year student-athlete at OSU studying New Media Communications, working part-time, and pursuing musical ambitions as both an artist and self-taught sound engineer. His music can be found on all streaming platforms.

Malik ‘WYSE’ Hardy is completing his last year as a student at OSU and is studying Business Administration. He’s been singing since he was around 9 years old and fits within the genres of R&B and Hip Hop.

Noughtie Dee, a third-year student at OSU studying psychology, is a queer, black rapper from Atlanta and Chicago. Noughtie Dee uses they/she pronouns and raps about social issues within their community, being fly, and remaining spiritually connected to the universe. You can find their music on all streaming platforms.

Fahari Fahari is a queer singer, songwriter and activist originally from Winston North Carolina, presently residing in Salem, Oregon. For Fahari music comes as naturally as breathing, performing in multiple genres including; Blues, Bluegrass, R&B, Hip-Hop and Folk. With smoky vocals, an impressive range in style, and creative lyricism, Fahari aims to leave even the biggest skeptic a believer. https://www.facebook.com/FahariMusicLLC

Laundry met in the University of Oregon dorms in the fall of 2017, and the four of them quickly bonded over a shared interest in the local music scene. Eugene bands like Spiller, Novacane, and the Graduating Class helped the band find gigs at house shows and bars around the college, during which the band began to develop its energetic live performance and collaborative songwriting process. 2019’s Affirmation, found the band modest and unexpected success on streaming services. 2020’s Fast Cars saw the band experiment with more in depth storytelling and increasingly elaborate music videos, while maintaining the dreamy yet energetic Eugene rock sound. @laundrytheband – https://linktr.ee/laundrytheband

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