Geeking Out About It: Phineas and Ferb

The Geeks are back once again for the final episode of Summer term! This week, Chance and Sam explore the critically acclaimed Disney Channel series Phineas and Ferb (Just in time for the 14th anniversary of its premiere in 2007). Plus, a peek behind the scenes as the crew attempts to write a song.


Hosts: Chance Giguiere, Sam Kuns

Writer: Chance Giguiere

Audio Gremlin: Alissa Liu

Lighting: Jachob Wolff, Josh Saunders

Engineer: Emma Savering

Studio Camera Operator: Austin Kuns

Skit/Montage Director: Jakob Jones

Skit/Montage Actors: Chance Giguiere, Josh Saunders, Sam Kuns, Emma Savering, Austin Kuns, Alissa Liu, Jachob Wolff

“The Song That Was Never Written”: Written and Recorded by Alissa Liu

Background Music:

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