Welcome to The Show: Season 2, Episode 5

Welcome to The Show: Season 2, Episode 5

Welcome to The Show welcomes you to the first episode of Spring term 2016! Today on the show, we bring you another edition of “Welcome to The News”, interviews with a cartoonist and game developer, a skit, a game of Pictionary with our guests, and an in-studio performance from Gabe Fleck. Enjoy, and as always, Welcome, to Welcome to The Show!


5:00 “Welcome to The News” w/ E.J. Albaugh and Blair Hogan

7:30 Interview with The Daily Barometer cartoonist Gabe Shields

9:45 Gabe Shields showcases “Mythed Opportunity” comics

12:50 Interview with “Mythed Opportunity” game developer Evan Reichsteiner

16:58 SKIT – “Professor Lawrence”

25:00 Pictionary – Max and Ben VS. Gabe and Evan

32:45 Gabe Fleck in-studio performance

36:22 Max gives his salutations

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