The Challenger: Golf with Your Friends

The Challenger: Golf with Your Friends

Welcome to the Challenger, the place where there is a new exciting description on youtube every week. This episode features KBVR-FM employees: Donald and Anehelena in a match of Golf with Friends. Join us in the Spring for more games, and likely more fun.


Producer- Jared Dukes

Director- Alyssa Liljequist

Hosts-Nick Miller

Max Bettendorf

Guests-Anehelena Goodman-Flood

-Donald Orr

Tech Director- Tyler Rippon

Audio Director-Griffin Thenell

Light Directer- Nolan Bauermeister

Prompter- Kyle van Krieken


Graphics-Will Kmiecek

Geeves -Garret Taylor

Camera- Rob Jones

David Tran

Mackenzie Bittinger

Quinn Meihoff

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