Taste Tickler S1E3 “Seize My Means”

Taste Tickler S1E3 Seize My Means

This week on Taste Tickler Bronson is removed from the network, but before you ask any questions, I got a question for ya. I got a REAAAAAAAAAALLY stupid question for ya. Something that’s been bouncing around in the walls of my mind. I got a… REAL stupid question to ask you here. Do you think that / paper / is a vegetable? Do you think that paper is a vegetable or a fruit? I mean, apples — apples come from trees. Does that mean that… paper is a fruit? If paper comes from trees, just like APPLES come from trees, does that make it a fruit? However, paper doesn’t have any seeds, and one of the defining things about apples and other fruit is that they got seeds in ’em. So that would mean that paper would be something more akin to something like a vegetable. But, iiiiiiiis… paper a vegetable? IS paper a vegetable? Is it? Is it now? IS. IT. A VEGETABLE.

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