Zero Dawn on the Horizon: Host v. Host – The Challenger Season 5


Our yearly host v. host episode is back and this time we’re playing Horizon Zero Dawn, our Game of the Year for 2017. Who will be the superior host? Cameron or Tyler? Tune in to find out.

Cast & Crew:

Producer – Griffin Thenell

Director – Roman Battaglia

Host – Griffin Thenell

Contestants – Tyler Paine & Cameron Willett

Technical Director – Ashley Peterson-Williams

Audio Directors – Alex Niebur & Hannah Vaughan

Teleprompter – Ron Jones

Clip Operator – Brett Abaurrea

Computer Graphics – Garret Gravink

Floor Director – Kurt Nightingale

Cameras – Andrew Newey, Duncan Hunter and Kurt Nightingale

Our intro music was made by Hyper Potions! You can check out their music here:

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