Introducing Shemiah and… Ryan Brady || Split Screen plays Madden 2018


It’s a new season and Split Screen has a brand new host, new games and new guests! This week, we introduce our new host, Shemiah Whitson, a former player on the OSU Football Team and Ryan tried to channel his ‘Ryan Brady’ skills as a quarterbacker. Is Ryan going to get signed? Does his video game skills match up with real life? Find out on this episode of Split Screen!

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Producer- Katherine Greymour

Director- Ziad Elkawak

Technical Director- Quinn Meihoff

Audio Director- Sam Lay

Teleprompter Operator- Katie Morton

Graphics/Clip Operator- Will Rosch

Lighting- Ziad Elkawak

Floor Director- Eric Blanchard

Cameras- Kendall Jordan, Andrew Newey and Alexander Vo

Hosts- Shemiah Whitson and Ryan Lewis

Guests- Christian Willard and Aidan Wallace

Football Segment


Kee Whetzel

Hamilcar Rasheed Jr

Shemiah Whitson

Ryan Lewis

Andrew Newey

Kyle Wilson

Kyle Delonis

Katie Morton

Alexander Vo

Eric Blanchard

Will Rosch

Filmed By-

Quinn Meihoff

Kendall Jordan

Kyle Delonis

Katie Morton

Katherine Greymour

Edited By-

Quinn Meihoff

Elijah Friederick

Katherine Greymour

Zach Horine

Special thanks to McAlexander Fieldhouse for giving us a dry place to film in and the OSU Football team for sharing some of their players time with us. Game on gentleman!

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