Geeking Out About It E7 – Star Wars

Prepare to jump to Hyperspace! For the fall term finale of Geeking Out About It, our hosts bring us to the incredible universe of Star Wars! It’s one of the biggest franchises out there, and it’s certainly one of the closest to our hearts. We hope you all enjoy, and may the force be with you!

Produced by Austin and Sam Kuns

Hosted by Sam Kuns and Jacob Wolff

Directed by Zac Cummings

Crewed by:

Gabe Reitzes – Technical Director

Josh Elliott – Floor Director

Alissa Liu – Audio

Chance Giguiere – Telepromter

Angelina Macca – Graphics Operator

Garret Gravink – Engineer

Josh Saunders – Video Editing

Special Thanks to Marie Sandoval for her trombone skills!

Finally, we would like to thank our director, Zac Cummings, for all of his hard work this term. We wish you luck in all of your future endeavors. May the force be with you, Zac.

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