Inside the Silver Screen Episode 2 – Jordan Peele, City of God, The Little Things, What’s Streaming

Inside the Silver Screen’s second episode features an analysis of Jordan Peele’s seemingly different genres, a breakdown of the Brazilian film City of God, a review of “The Little Things”, and a complete guide to streaming service gems.

Intro – 00:00

Jordan Peele: The Power of Anticipation – 00:29

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City of God – 8:31

The Little Things Review – 12:08

Best Movies on Streaming – 15:05

Outro – 19:38


Produced by Landon Simpson

Written by Landon Simpson

City of God Segment Written and Narrated by Kevin Foster

Edited by Landon Simpson

City of God Segment Edited by Emma Savering

Graphics by Teresa Aguilera

Special Thanks to the KBVR-TV Crew

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