Sonic Mania: Tails of Trivia – The Challenger Season 3


The Challenger test our guests physically and mentally and this episode was a perfect example. In the studio, we tested Kat Dykstra and Francisco Boschetti in their skills at Sonic Mania. In the field, their proxies were tested on their speed and knowledge of the Sonic franchise. Let’s see if they can rise to the challenge.

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Producer – Griffin Thenell

Director – Emmy Markham

Hosts – Tyler Paine & Cameron Willett

Technical Director – Roman Battaglia

Audio Director – Alex Niebur

Teleprompter – Griffin Anderson

Clip Operator – Duncan Hunter

Computer Graphics – Brett Abaurrea

Floor Director – David Tran

Camera Operators – John Pelkey, Makaila Fant & Kurt Nightingale

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