KBVR Sessions – Kulululu

KBVR Sessions - Kulululu

Portland alien rock group Kulululu shares some brand new songs with us on this KBVR Session! Check out our other sessions on our channel!


Saucy Talk 00:12

Body 01:50

Bicycle Song 06:10

Tee Vee 10:40

We Won’t Let You Forget 12:56

Interview 16:32


Directed by:

Sam Lay and Ziad Elkawlak

Hosted by:

Donald Orr

Edited by:

Ziad Elkawlak

Videography by:

Polly Lisicak

Ziad Elkawlak

Sydney Wisner

Zac Horine

Audio Engineer:

Sam Lay

Special Thanks:

Jack Kemp and Kathyrn Dykstra

For booking contact: [email protected]